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Natalie’s Vintage Bridal Shower

Co-hosted by our very own designer & stylist, Colleen, this bridal shower was bound to be a showcase for belovely and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Though the weather ended up being a bit chilly and rainy, under the tent was nothing short of lovely & fun.  Mindy Lipcavage was there to capture the day and she did an absolutely beautiful job and with such a bright smile and happy essence about her. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out this wonderful lady’s talent, you must!!

With styling and florals by yours truly, we were so please with how it turned out! (yes, if you didn’t see our post already we’ve expanded!!!)

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Photography by Mindy Lipcavage | Styling & Florals: Belovely | Invitation: Poofy Prints | Engagement Photos by: Maria Mack Photography | Vintage Furnishings: Belovely | Chalkart: Belovely

Glamorous Bridal Shower


It’s that time of year when bridesmaids, maid and matron of honors, and mothers of the brides should start planning summer brides bridal showers.  We say make this event as glamorous and pretty as possible, after all it is all about the bride and what bride doesn’t want to feel pretty and glamorous? For once they don’t have to consider the grooms feelings and well, pink and glitter should be on the agenda!

We had a future bridesmaid email us with some questions on what types of food, drinks, and non cheesy games to plan for her bridal shower and we are going to respond with  some amazing ideas on what we think will make a memorable shower.

What better way to start off a shower then to toast with a glass a champagne. Now this shouldn’t be any ordinary champagne but try some of these great cocktails from

For some fun,  add a crazy straw or cute decoration to the drink!

As far as food is concerned, we like to keep it small. Why not make it a casual party with lots of appetizers and bite sized dishes. Everyone loves to try as much as possible without feeling stuffed. Having food and drinks flowing throughout the party will keep the conversations going.

These chicken salad bites looks delicious! Check out the recipe here.

Officially obsessed with these mini grilled cheeses!!

and these cucumber feta rolls look so refreshingly good!

Don’t forget dessert! In keeping with the food, the desserts should be bite sized too! Trust us, amazing things come in small packages!!

How can you go wrong with cake pops and mini milkshakes?

How about pink with gold splattered macaroons, rock candy cupcakes and even mini donuts, really it is endless!

As far as games are concerned, we don’t think they are cheesy because most of the time it lets everyone at the shower know a bit more about the bride and groom since everyone from both sides are coming together. It is often a great ice breaker to the party! Here are some cute and stylish games to play.

He says…She says is pretty straight forward. The guests will answer the question by circling the bride or the groom with who they think said what.

Shower Libs is super cute! It is based on Mad Libs and is played the same way. This could definitely start to become silly fast but who said that is a bad thing?


No matter what you plan for your bride try to keep it fun and pretty and they will be sure to have the most amazing day filled with goof laughs, friends, and family!!



Lovely Bridal Showers

Throwing a Bridal Shower and have no idea how to make it unique and fun? All of you Maid or Matron of Honors, Bridesmaids, Mothers of the Brides, and Mother in Laws to the Brides don’t fret anymore. We are sharing some fun decor and party ideas to spice up any Bridal Shower.

Try having a theme. We have been seeing tons of fun afternoon Garden Parties and Tea Parties lately and the decor is sure to impress.

One way to pull of this look is to use mismatching plates. It makes each place setting unique.

Play on the word shower and use it literally in your decor. Look how fun and whimsical these umbrella centerpieces are. Don’t go to over board with it though. Keep it simple.


Have a signature drink for your guests and throw in a funky straw or fun decoration. How adorable are these stars?

Another fun idea is having small dishes or tapas style food. Your guests can try a lot more food and feel less guilty.

For a Brunch

For Dessert

Depending on your Bride, games are always a great way to keep your guest interested during the shower. Lets be honest opening gifts for 2 hours can get a bit boring.

And finally you can’t forget to give your guests a favor. What about some of these cute and sweet treats?