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2014-04-24_0015This spring, we were asked by to participate in their DIY lamp shade contest! They sent us a blank, white, drum lamp shade to turn into something wonderful. We took an organic, modern approach to the challenge trying out a new technique of sharpie + rubbing alcohol on fabric. After some trial and error we finally mastered it. Below is the full DIY steps we took to achieve this look on our lamp shade!

2014-04-24_0008What you need:

– q-tips
– cup or bowl
– fabric (we used muslin)
– rubbing alcohol
– sharpie (we used black but any color works)
– printed design (optional)

2014-04-24_00091. Pour rubbing alcohol into your cup or bowl, about an inch deep.
2. Place your fabric over the design you want, you should be able to make out at least some of the design through the fabric.

2014-04-24_00102014-04-24_00113. Trace your design onto the fabric with your sharpie, we found that tracing your design in sections helps the ink bleed better when it is fresh.
4. Soak the end of a q-tip in the rubbing alcohol, really soak it – it should be dripping.

2014-04-24_00125. Dab the end of the q-tip onto the fabric right NEXT to the sharpie marks – not directly on the line. The sharpie will bleed in the opposite direction you place the q-tip.
6. Continue dipping the q-tip into the rubbing alcohol after you touch it to the fabric. Work your way around the design.

2014-04-24_00137. Once you have finished this section, repeat steps 3-6 on the rest of your design until it is completely transferred onto the fabric.
8. Let the entire piece dry completely before using.

2014-04-24_0014We had a blast taking our completed lamp shade and styling it with our favorite things.  Laura Olivia Photography was kind enough to take photos of the finished product! It was hard deciding which one we liked best, so here are three different ways to style this organic/modern lampshade in your home!




How-to photos snapped by Belovely // Editorial shots by Laura Olivia Photography // Lamp shade provided by

Budget-Minded and Inspired


Florals and decorations can be a big chunk of change in a wedding budget. But for budget minded brides, why not think outside the box and look to ribbons, fabrics, and paper to get the same wow effect? The key is to layer your venue with textures and/or color to create interest. Think out-of-the-box or as we like to say “off-the-table” and consider your 3 dimensional space by hanging elements and highlighting entrances or architectural details.  Just think, if you’re giving your guests something creative and fun to look at, they’ll be less inclined to notice the commercial grade ‘doesn’t-match-your-color-scheme’ carpet you dislike!

Check out some of these fun, creative, and low-budget projects we love over on Martha Stewart Weddings!


Lace Paper Backdrop 

Candles and “Flowers” in One! 

Gorgeous and Simple Rosette Chandeliers

Geometric / Prismatic Statements 

Tissue Paper Vines 

Curtained Entrance 

Show Me The Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! We’re sure you’re either face first into some stuffing and turkey, or in the kitchen getting everything ready. Either way, we hope you’re surrounded by family and friends and the aroma of good food.  And now to give our thanks this year. Gosh, as cliche as it may sound, we have so much to be thankful for! First and foremost, we want to thank you – our readers, supporters, fans, family and our friends. Seriously, without any of you doing what we love most would not be possible. And while we’re at it I’ll thank the fate of the Gods who brought Colleen and I together!

Along with our Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding Board we showed you last week, (if you missed it see it here) we have a few adorable DIY projects and Thanksgiving-y items to share with you today!



1. How cute is this Pinecone Turkey? Such an easy project to do with the kids and all it takes is a pinecone, feathers and pipe cleaners!

2. Make these Pumpkin Placeholders once and have them to use for Thanksgiving and Halloweens to come (we love the idea of using them to hold food labels at a Halloween bash!) So simple, sleek and modern – not to mention pretty easy to make, disassemble and store!

3. We’re gushing over these adorable Thanksgiving Dessert Plates by West Elm! Perfect for some pumpkin pie!

4. Cheap item + Glitter = love. These Dollar Store Pumpkins turned glittery candle (and place card) holder are the perfect way to add some glam to your table! (Though the pumpkins are great to hold candles don’t limit your glitter party to just them – consider mixing in some  glittered apples and pears to your table as well!)

5. Rifle Paper Co. is hands down one of our favorite illustrated wedding invitation vendors. The bonus? They do more than wedding invitations! Check out their selection of Holiday cards, place cards, invitations, tags and wrapping sheets.


Eat up! You’ll need your energy for a bargain buyer’s favorite holiday! Remember to support local businesses!